Mother’s Day and the Gospel.

Over the last several years one of the most concerning trends that I have seen is a rising pressure on mothers to be perfect. The image that is portrayed is that everything has to be done in just the right way. The meals need to be fashioned the right way, the activities always need to be exciting, the parties need to be flawless, and the children must be perfect and in good order. Furthermore, not only does our current society give moms no room for error while expecting perfection that is beyond the expectations of any previous generation, but it has also convinced them that they need to post everything about it on social media.   The pressure for perfection is a consuming weight and burden that Christ doesn’t want for you.   

The Gospel teaches us that we are imperfect and that we cannot solve our problems.   Our sin is rooted deep in our hearts and contaminates everything that we touch.   The gospel promises that we don’t need to be perfect, Christ is perfect, and we don’t need to make much of ourselves because Christ’s love is sufficient.  

If I could wish all the moms in our church one thing as Mother’s Day closes up. It would be that you would be anxious over nothing knowing that all of God’s ways are higher and better than our ways. Being anxious over your children and the quality of your parenting is not going to change the outcome.  Saying the right things and using the right methodologies is no promise that Christ will dwell in them. Let go of the idea that you can control things that you can’t control. Only God can save your kids, only He can hold them fast. Trust him with your children and their future.  Do your best to make much of Christ to them.   Teach them the word of God Like Lois and Eunice did with Timothy. 

Christ is sufficient for all that you are going through, every moment of parenting.   Fear not for he is with you even to the end of the age.   

Happy Mother’s Day draw near to Christ and he will draw near to you.

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  1. After (trying) to fill in for me daughter-in-law for a couple of days, it was obvious to me we don’t pay her enough, haha!

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