Reflections of 2020 by a faithful pastor.

A Few weeks ago, as 2020 was coming to a close. I noticed that my former pastor and dear friend David Sullivan, the pastor of Muldraugh Baptist Church in Muldraugh Kentucky, was sharing a list of reflections from 2020.  I decided with his permission to put them into a single place so that more folks could benefit from the wisdom he gives us.   I hope they are as helpful to you as they were to me.   

  1. When you do biblically faithful ministry in the “easy” times, generally, your church will survive and thrive in the harder times.
  2. People are starving…ravenous…for real church, real community, real hope. Give it to them through the Gospel of Christ.
  3. In the best of circumstances, leadership is challenging. Believe the best about those who lead. Always give grace.
  4. The local church is God’s primary conduit of grace to His people and to the community in which she exists. If all the forces of hell can’t thwart her, a virus won’t either.
  5. Regardless of social media’s insidious lie, you do not have to have, or share, an opinion about everything. Don’t believe the lie that says silence on social media = not caring, uninformed, etc. “When words are many, transgression is not lacking, but whoever restrains his lips is prudent.” – Proverbs 10:19
  6. While every church needs a shepherd, God is omnipotent enough to keep His people unified and moving in the right direction, even when the shepherd cannot be hands on with the sheep. God is a better Shepherd than I.
  7. It has always been, and is certainly now, true that pastors must consistently point their people to behold Christ. In our current cultural climate, there are a million things that seek to arrest the attention of God’s people day in and day out. Give them Jesus so they might fix their gaze on something infinitely better.

Pastor David R. Sullivan

You can find David on twitter at @Davidrsullivan .  

You can also find his teaching on Muldraugh Baptist Church’s YouTube channel.

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